Mon Jan 21 13:00:32 CST 2008

The latest 1.4 patch for Linux is released, as well as an updated build of the demo. The patch announcement is here, the demo announcement is here. See those links for the full list of changes, the most significant Linux features are the addition of threaded renderer support, and some fixes to the VoIP code.


The files are available on id Software's ftp, and on the BitTorrent tracker. The QuakeWars community site lists additional mirrors with the release announcements.

NOTE: the -nomedia installers require you to copy a number of files manually (from either the DVD, or an earlier installation of the game or a Windows installation). If you are not sure what you need, always use a full installer. The files are listed with their MD5 checksum in the README.txt file that comes with the setup.

Retail Game

Linux client (version 1.4)

You need the Windows retail DVD of the game for installation. If you have 1.2 installed already, get the smaller 1.2-1.4 update.

Linux server (version 1.4, release 1)

Note that there is an important hotfix that needs to be applied to the 1.4 servers. This is not available in torrents but you can get it from our ftp. More information here.


Linux demo client (version 2, release 1)

Linux demo server (version 2, release 1)

Know issues

The installer doesn't create Gnome/KDE shortcuts and /usr/local/bin symlinks

This is installer functionality that is not implemented yet. We are using MojoSetup - a brand new installer system - which I highly recommend.

Poor performance on NVidia 5700 cards

Make sure r_useFBODestinationBuffer is set to 0. There is an autodetection problem in the Linux client that will not set this right

ERROR: Unable to find render binding 'lightDirection'

This happens if you used a -nomedia installer and did not copy all the required files. You should delete your installation tree and start over with a -full installer.

Common Problems

Kernel version

Make sure to use a reasonably up to date kernel. You should not run the server on anything older than 2.6.18. Servers running on older kernels have shown instability and random crashes (very likely related to old/broken TLS/threading).

game doesn't start, or aborts right away with a SIGILL signal

The binaries are compiled with -march=pentium3, your CPU needs to be at least "Intel Pentium3 CPU based on PentiumPro core with MMX and SSE instruction set support".

Running 32 bit binaries on a 64 bit system

You need to install various 32 bit compatibility libraries. Most distributions have an all-in-one package that will provide everything you need.

How do I get to the console?

By default, you need to do Ctrl + Alt + ~

If you set com_allowConsole to 1 (+set com_allowConsole 1 on the command line), then you can use ~ (tilda) directly.

Can I use TeamSpeak and VoIP at the same time?

Short answer, no. TeamSpeak only uses OSS and ETQW uses Alsa by default, but I don't think Alsa will let you open the mic through Alsa after TS already has it through the OSS API. One way to get this working, is to get two mics, such as an additional USB mic for instance, and bind one to TS and one to ETQW.

Non english / Localized versions of the game

Right now the installer only copies the English language files from the DVD. Running other languages isn't supported, because I don't have the DVDs for all the localized versions and I don't have time to test them. You should be able to get those working if you manually copy zpak_french000.pk4 (resp. zpak_german000.pk4 zpak_spanish000.pk4, etc.).

Questions / Bug Reports

If you want to report an issue with the game, you should make sure that your report includes all information useful to characterize and reproduce the problem.

Note that we can't help you with OS-specific issues like configuring OpenGL correctly, configuring ALSA or configuring the network.

If you are sending a console log, make sure to enable developer output:

$ <game start script> +set developer 1 +set logfile 1

( the log is written to ~/.etqw/base/console.log or ~/.etqw/yourmod/console.log ) Do not cut the log to the part you think is relevant. We often want to see the initialization messages.

Note that a bug is unlikely to be investigated unless it has been reported by different people and/or confirmed on different systems.

If you have a complete and precise bug report, email it to: ttimo at idsoftware dot com


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